“Lucky Bats,” the book by Elijah D. Miller and Kevin Kirkland


Did your grandad know Josh Gibson and Satchel Paige?

Lucky did.

In a new children’s book, Elijah “Lucky” Miller sifts through a century of baseball memories, from a Virginia sandlot to the steel mills and green diamonds of Pittsburgh, to a seat in Forbes Field’s dugouts alongside legends of  the Negro Leagues. More than just a batboy for the Homestead Grays, Lucky is an unabashed fan who cheered everyone from Josh Gibson to Roberto Clemente to Hank Aaron.

The book “Lucky Bats” was successfully funded on Kickstarter at


3 thoughts on ““Lucky Bats,” the book by Elijah D. Miller and Kevin Kirkland

  1. I only wish my husband Robert were here to see this book. He truly loved his Uncle Lucky and the feeling was mutual between the two of them. Many times Uncle sent Robert clippings or hats or some other piece of history. I am so grateful to Mr. Kirkland for his determination to publish this record of history about someone in our family.


  2. I have his Homestead Grays hat and I believe I still have a tee shirt. I will have to do a little digging to see if I can come across some of the articles he sent. I think you are just awesome! Thanks again for your dedication to this project..

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